General Interest

Think of How it Feels...

Think of how it feels to slide your feet into boots that are so comfortable you sometimes think you might be more content in these, than your tennis shoes

Think of how it feels when you are lacing up your skates and you look around the locker room at your brothers and sisters, and through pure team unity, you know they have the same thoughts going through their heads.

Think of how it feels to walk through the tunnel to the ice and look down the line at your teammates and realize just how lucky you are to have people in your life that you cannot only relate to, but also count on to work with you and achieve goals

Think of how it feels to see the Crystallette section of the bleachers stand up and cheer while you prepare to take the ice

Think of how it feels to see your family and loved ones who, in spite of their stomachs full of butterflies, you know that they couldn't be more proud of you

Think of how it feels to see the young Crystallettes, who look up to us so very much, cheering and thinking how they can't wait for the day they will be on the Senior team so they can take the ice the way we do

Think of how it feels to hear the announcer say "Representing the Dearborn Figure Skating Club", and how proud you feel to be part of such an amazing family

Think of how it feels to hear that familiar music play. The music you have heard over and over and over again in your season of hard work. But for some reason at this moment, your body is so overcome with emotion, it feels as if you are hearing it for the very first time

Think of how it feels to skate. Not just to skate with your feet, but to skate with your heart as well

Think of how it feels to look at your fellow teammates while they are giving it everything they have as are you, and you think to yourself, this could possibly be the best skate we have ever had

Think of how it feels to end that perfect program and see the Crystallette section jump out of their seats. You breathe a sigh of relief because now you know it is out of your hands. You have done the best you could and that is all you could have done.

This is an original composition from Lauren Szymecko, a Senior Crystallette, to her teammates prior to what would turn out to be their silver medal finish at Nationals 2004, placing the Crystallettes on the 2004 World Team. The message can apply to all who have donned these skates. Congratulations to all !!